Covid19 Solutions

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Thermal Camera – Body Temperature Detection

This Body Temperature Detection System can accurately detect facial temperature of up to 40 people at once with an accuracy of ±0.3ºC.

This system is ideal for monitoring body temperature at entrances of stadiums, malls, shops, transportation hub, warehousing, and food manufacturing centers.

The system comprises of the camera, temperature calibration device as well as wall mounting brackets for installation. Additional NVR and tripod mounts are available.

Using advanced facial detection, the system uses the face temperature for a more accurate measurement. This also stops any false readings.

Key features: 

•Fast temperature measurement

•High temperature accuracy

•Long distance, non-contact detection

•Only measures facial temperature

•Dual spectrum technology (overlay of temperature on live view)

•Mobile App available

•License Free software

•Environment calibration

•A complete thermal detection solution

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Live automated occupancy control system-People counting

The Automated People Counter System supports businesses and organizations in the actions taken to align with government COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and to protect their customers, visitors, and employees.

This Live Occupancy Tracker System consists of:

•3D stereoscopic camera of the highest accuracy

•Count real-time occupancy in the building

•Automated display at the entrance to control incoming traffic

•Automated system updates each time a person enters or exits the building

•Alert staff if capacity limit is breached

•Inform customers when they can enter the building, or they should wait.

•Occupancy Widget on the company’s website allows customers to check before travelling to store - to proactively influence customers’ visit time to spread out throughout the day

•Fast implementation

The application is ideal to be installed in the following key market segments – essential services:

•Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, DIY stores, café/fast food chains, restaurants, public venues, shopping malls, government facilities such as immigration centers, hospital, office buildings, libraries, museums etc.

*This system has been deployed by hundreds of government bodies (hospitals,

immigration departments, government services), and retail chains (supermarkets, hypermarkets, DIY stores, fast food chains and other retailers), all around the world.


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Automated Hand Sanitizer with advertising digital screen

As the coronavirus is spreading around the world, people are asked to wash their hands as many times as possible.

This smart machine can help people wash their hands more effectively, whether they are in a company, airport, hospital, restaurant, bar, or gym.

They do not need to touch anything to get hand sanitizer, and the 21,5 inches digital screen will even play a hand washing tutorial video for them.

Furthermore, on the screen the owners of the machine can advertise their business, display special offers or share useful information with customers.

In addition to its health benefits, the advertising revenue coming with it, can help the business increase conversion rate!

Key Features: 

•IR sensor for automatic dosing, clean, safe, and completely touch-free to prevent cross-contamination.

•Android 6.0


•21.5 inches HD IPS LCD screen for advertising display and more.

•3000 ml volume capacity of hand sanitizer tank.

•Wall mounting and floor standing installation are both easy, and the sanitizer is easy to be refilled.