Home Security System

Your house is your castle. This is why you need to decide if you want to secure it!

The facts

If you have never thought about the need to install a security system and how much it has to offer towards protecting your family and you house, perhaps the facts might convince you.

Every day in Cyprus, approximately 20 crimes are committed, 6 to 10 of which have to do with burglaries and thefts. You should also consider the fact that almost the same number of petty thefts are never reported to the police, while at the same time street patrols have become more frequent as a result of the rising crime rates.


The services

Apart from intruders, a modern security system will also protect you in cases of house emergencies such as fire, flood, gas leak and whatever you define as an emergency, so the necessary steps can be taken immediately.

For example, you may want to be notified every time the temperature at you house reaches more than 30 degrees Celsius and you are not at home. We will see how you can do this in what follows.

Furthermore, the cutting edge security systems go several steps beyond the usual services and they provide you with complete information and control on all the systems of your house.

If, for instance, you have left the heater on, you can now turn it off wherever you are. Or, if you have hired a new baby sitter and you want to watch how she treats your child, you can easily connect live with one or many cameras in your security system and watch her every move.

Also take into account the fact that a reliable company that offers security and surveillance services will always be by your side, so either automatically or with your call it can immediately call guards or staff to help you, such as the police, the fire brigade or an ambulance.


Your needs

But what do you really need from the aforementioned? A safety lock or a high fence can be enough for you but not closely enough for someone else. After thinking carefully about what makes you feel safe and what will bring you and your family some peace of mind, there are some facts that can show you what your needs might be.

Answer the following questions and you will gain some insight:

  • Does the area where you live have high crime rates?
  • Does it have dark roads?
  • Are you the owner of a cottage in the middle of nowhere or is your house part of an enclosed residential block with a security guard?


Your property

  • How expensive is your car and how valuable are the items in your house?
  • Do you keep cash or jewelry at home?
  • Compared to your neighbors, is your house or car different? Because if your belongings “catch the eye” perhaps they need more protection than those of your neighbors.



A ground floor house has increased security needs than a penthouse. The location of your house in the building or a very old building with a broken lock at the entrance or without a fence might be an easy target.


Your life

Do you live alone? An elderly person who lives alone is an easier target compared to a five-member family. Do you travel often? A constantly vacant house requires more protection than a constantly occupied one.


The levels of security

...and what suits you. See all the security levels you can choose for your house, starting from the simplest interventions all the way to the ones that are going to transform your house into a real fortress! 🙂

Level 1

In the majority of cases, this level doesn’t need any expertise or professional help. It is the minimum you can do to have some basic security in your house.

Choose one or more:

  • Install security locks in all the exterior doors of your house.
  • If the doors are old, replace them with security doors and make sure that the windows and shutters lock well.
  • Take care of the fence of your house. If you don’t have a fence you should place one and if you have one you should make all the necessary repairs and check whether it is safe and whether it deters potential burglary attempts.
  • If you love animals, a dog can be the sweetest and most reliable guard of your house.
  • Make a list with all the valuable items in your house and buy a safe for their protection.
  • Place a camera in a visible place outside your house. Even if it is not working, it will scare the potential intruders away.


Level 2

This level is a bit more specialized and you need to buy and install equipment so it can work. Either with the help of a specialized company or on your own you can opt for some more drastic measures to increase the security level in your house even more:

  • Buy and install security cameras throughout the house. Their number and the places you are to install them solely depend on your needs as well as the needs of the building.
  • Set the cameras so as to record at certain hours during the day or connect them to a central screen, such as your computer’s screen, in order to be able to watch your house live whenever you want to.
  • Buy and install an alarm system that will lock/unlock from a central point and will be activated by motion sensors which you will place on the doors and the windows of the house.
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting outside your house. You can install lights with motion detectors so no intruder will be able to pass unnoticed.


Level 3

Here you will find everything you can achieve by asking for some more specialized services from professionals. They will offer you complete packages that will save you money, effort and time while at the same time you will drastically increase your home security:

  • Buy and install all the equipment from level 2 at much better prices or for free, though a monthly subscription package that will monitor the cameras and alert you when the sensors detect a movement.
  • Ask the security company to place panic buttons in the house and pay regular visits to your neighborhood with their patrol cars, manned with trained security guards.
  • Depending on the occasion, ask to company to alert immediately the police, the fire brigade or the nearest hospital.
  • Increase the alerts that your security company provides you with, depending on your needs. For instance, apart from the movement detectors ask them to alert you whenever smoke and a gas or water leak is detected.
  • Ask to know who locked or unlocked your house alarm and at what time. Moreover, ask not only for phone alerts, but also alerts on your email or by SMS.
  • Ask the company to grant you access to the cameras so you can watch live every part of your house via a device that you will determine, whenever you want.


Level 4

This is the highest security level you can choose for your house. It includes automation and remote controlled systems.

  • Ask the security company or a specialized company to add automations to any devices or systems you wish in your house. The alarm, the lights, the air condition, the blinds and the fence can all be automated and operate through a controller, no matter how far you are.
  • Ask for more alerts and reports depending on your needs, ex. the temperature in your house, the humidity levels, even if some members of your family are home at a particular time.
  • Place more detection sensors.

If all these are not enough to make you feel completely safe, then hiring a security guard who will follow your family’s every step might help. Of course if your wife wants one too, you might want to watch the movie “the Bodyguard” first, and then make your decision. 🙂

Last but not least, you should keep in mind that you goal is not to transform your house into a prison, so before you do anything you had better ask the opinion of an expert in security systems, regarding the package you wish to install, so as to rule out the chance to end up with too much of a good thing.


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