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We work diligently to offer you the appropriate solution tor your needs, keeping your costs down but without any cutbacks on quality and service
We take a proactive approach to security. With over 30 years of experience and knowledge we are able to recommend to you the most appropriate security solution for your needs so you rest assure that your property is protected
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Use your phone to see and control your home from anywhere

The vast majority of our home security systems are controllable via phone apps that you can download from:
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This is more than just a way to check your CCTV via an app. You can be in complete control of your home’s security.

Features of remote home monitoring:

  • Ability to check your home security and other alarm systems.
  • Arm and disarm your system.
  • Adjust your thermostats and lights.
  • Specify alert criteria so you’re notified by text, e-mail or call if there’s a fire, intrusion or temperature control problem.
  • View security camera feeds.